We aim to bring about change within the institutions and advocate for this change. Together with individuals who are part of the movement, we have developed several public policy proposals. Read them and join our community to contribute your ideas to the future of remote work.

Our policy proposals

1. Infrastructures for South Working®

We promote the creation of the necessary conditions for remote work, such as fast and secure internet connection, mobility solutions to and from airports or high-speed train stations located within two hours from the chosen work location, and the implementation of a network of shared workspaces nationwide (‘community hubs’).

2. Development of marginalized areas of the country.

The protection of cultural heritage of small towns and marginalized areas is a fundamental issue to make territories sustainable and attractive, encouraging social cohesion and the cross-pollination of ideas. With this objective, we participate in the Coordination Committee of Villages activated at the Ministry of Culture, aiming to work towards the safeguarding, promotion, enhancement, support, and socio-economic improvement of Italian villages.

3. Incentives for companies

We encourage the integration of incentives for flexible work arrangements by adopting a broad interpretation of the 30% tax relief regulation (Legislative Decree of August 14, 2020, No. 104, converted with amendments by Law No. 126 of October 13, 2020). This interpretation aims to apply not only to businesses establishing an ‘operational unit’ in the South but also to those enterprises employing workers who operate flexibly from the Southern regions, with unchanged salaries. Additionally, we suggest the provision of incentives in the form of vouchers for the training of managers and employees, as well as for coworking spaces.

4. Support for Families

To prevent remote work from causing a double or triple workload, especially for women workers and mothers, we advocate for work conducted in spaces that are not one’s home. Additionally, we believe that various forms of support for families are necessary, starting with improved coverage of childcare facilities in the Southern regions and marginalized areas of the country.

5. Circular Mobility for Sustainable South Working®

We do not advocate the complete remoteization of work and advocate for an organizational model based on voluntariness and mediation between the needs of companies and workers. The undeniable impacts on the climate and individuals due to frequent short and long-distance commuting are evident. For this reason, we encourage flexible scheduling arrangements for South Working® days in comparison to those designated for in-person work.

6. Attracting Human Capital from Abroad

We promote the development of a national strategy aimed at individuals living in Italy and abroad, allowing them to choose where to work. Specifically for expatriates, we propose the dissemination of role models and the sharing of testimonials by South Workers, with the provision of vouchers for transportation expenses to/from the South and marginalized areas. Additionally, we suggest introducing temporary visas for remote work for individuals from non-Schengen areas, incorporating the concept of ‘Italy Working’ visas.

7. Building a 'Bridge' between School and Job Market

We encourage the development of ‘bridge’ programs between the world of education and that of business, with the aim of introducing young individuals to emerging professions. We advocate for the implementation of strategies, actions, and policies that enable younger generations to receive education and work opportunities, empower businesses to contribute to building a fair and cohesive society, and empower institutions to operationalize innovative and effective work practices within local communities.

8. National and Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization

We advocate for the development of a strategic vision for the medium and long term concerning the growth of remote work within the National and Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (2021-2027). The objective is to enable regions to receive European funds to invest in the realm of smart working in the South and marginalized areas for enhanced economic, social, and territorial cohesion through:

  • The promotion of South Worker communities that repopulate areas most affected by depopulation.
  • The reuse of spaces for the creation of Community Hubs.
  • The promotion of agreements between local authorities and businesses.

9. 'Prioritize the Future, Prioritize the Youth'

In harmony with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, we place the future and the well-being of all at the forefront. A new social and intergenerational pact must be built with the younger generations, involving a reallocation of resources and the counteraction of all forms of poverty (economic, educational, relational). Since a significant portion of the allocated resources constitutes a debt for future generations, we urge the inclusion of a specific pillar dedicated to policies for adolescents and young people within the NRRP. Additionally, through targeted proposals (e.g., introduction of the constitutional principle of solidarity toward the new generations; expansion of the age limit for passive and active suffrage; redesigning schools as a platform for widespread and integrated education with the community; introduction and progressive application of the right to citizenship for minors of foreign origin born, raised, and educated in Italy), we aim to create cross-cutting and structural conditions to act on various levels and sectors of public policy.

Advance your proposal

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