Map of Community Hubs

We envision community hubs not just as simple workplaces, distinct from traditional offices, but as spaces for collaboration, innovation, and dialogue. Discover the community hubs closest to you!

Coworking spaces, libraries, impact hubs, rural hubs, shared and social spaces, ‘new’ public spaces, private spaces transformed into collaborative and shared places… all places with a natural aggregative, associative, creative, innovative dimension, or yet to be discovered, are potential community hubs. So, let us know about them to expand the map by submitting a recommendation here!

Additionally, with the South Working® eCard (2021), you can access all the services offered (hospitality, dining, training activities, etc.) at these facilities with a discount of up to 20%. Select ‘Network of Community Hubs’ to explore the spaces that are part of the network!


  — Municipalities within the South Working® Network

— Community Hubs within the South Working® Network

  — Community Hubs recommended by the community