Ricerca | Managing multiple logics to facilitate consumer transformation.

il 12 Marzo 2022

di Fulvio Fortezza, Bernardo Figueiredo, Daiane Scaraboto, Giacomo Del Chiappa


This study examines how hybrid organisations might manage multiple logics to design experiences that may prompt consumer transformation. Literature on hybrid organisations has mostly examined how they manage tensions and challenges related to logic multiplicity. Less is known about how they combine multiple logics to facilitate consumer self-transformation. We conducted an extended case study of Home4Creativity, an accommodation business guided by a blend of market, family and community logics. We found that the business promotes the interplay among logics through three strategies (substitution, alternation and integration) to suspend habitual experiences, redirect consumer attention and invite consumer identification. Thus, we show how managing multiple logics can support businesses in designing transformative experiences. These findings contribute to the literature on hybrid organisations by advancing knowledge of how they can facilitate consumer self-transformation. Further, they extend interdisciplinary research on transformative value by unpacking how the handling of multiple logics can lead to offerings that prompt consumer transformation.

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