Ricerca | The diffuse Office.

il 12 Marzo 2022

di Federica Longoni (TU Delft)


In May 2020 Twitter executive officer Jack Dorsey announced that all Twitter employees will be allowed to work from home forever. Moreover, he promised to increas allowances for buying home office supplies, such as desk, chairs etc. The aim is to transform the most private space, the home, into a preoductive realm. How did we get there? During the current time of the Coronavirus pandemic working from home was a condition which initially came out of of necessity. However, recently there has been a reconsideration of the phenomenon. What if this goes on forever?
On the other hand, Internet, which is the abbreviation of Interconnected network, has been around for many decades and its ubiquity and reliabilily are not something totally new, although certaintly implemented durin the last years.

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